Download Maine Power of Attorney Templates [PDF]

Learn about Maine powers of attorney, the different types of them, their requirements, and how to create a valid one to meet your needs!

Last update: 29 Aug 2023

Download Maine Power of Attorney Templates [PDF]

A Maine Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables an individual (the principal) to appoint someone else (the agent) to act on their behalf in making important decisions

This powerful document can help individuals plan for the possibility of being unable to handle their own affairs due to illness, disability, or other reasons.

The principal should select a trustworthy agent who has the necessary knowledge and abilities to carry out the assigned obligations. In exchange, the agent must work within the scope of the power of attorney and with honesty and integrity in the principal's best interests.

Types of Power of Attorney in Maine

Maine Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney Requirements

A durable power of attorney allows the principal to grant the agent the authority to make important decisions on their behalf, even if the principal becomes incapacitated or unable to make decisions in the future. (§ 5-905(2))

Maine General (Financial) Power of Attorney Requirements

With this type of power of attorney, the principal grants the agent authority to manage common financial affairs, such as paying bills, managing investments and bank accounts, and conducting other financial transactions on the principal's behalf. (§ 5-938)

Maine Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Requirements

Unlike the general one, with this type of power of attorney, the agent has the authority to conduct only specific financial activities or make decisions that are strictly determined and nothing beyond that.

Maine Parental (Minors) Power of Attorney Requirements

A parent of a minor can give an agent any powers related to the care, guardianship, or property of the minor for up to 12 months, except the power to give permission for the minor to get married, be adopted, or lose parental rights. (§ 5-127)

Maine Medical Power of Attorney Requirements

An adult principal can authorize an agent to make decisions regarding the principal's healthcare. This authorization becomes effective when it is determined that the principal has become incapacitated or unable to make healthcare decisions for themselves. (§ 5-803

Maine Springing Power of Attorney Requirements

A springing power of attorney is a type of durable power of attorney in which the agent's authority to act on behalf of the principal is dependent upon the occurrence of a future event or the meeting of some other condition, such as the principal's incapacity.

Maine Vehicle Power of Attorney Requirements

The agent can act on the principal's behalf in matters relating to their vehicle, such as buying, selling, registering, and titling it, using a Maine vehicle power of attorney.

Maine Revocation Power of Attorney Requirements

The principal can use this document to revoke a previously executed power of attorney. It is crucial for the principal to inform the agent about the revocation of a power of attorney to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding. 

If the principal fails to inform the agent about the revocation, any actions undertaken by the agent in good faith will still bind them.

Maine Tax Power of Attorney Requirements

With a Maine tax power of attorney, the agent can handle principal tax matters and represent their interests before the federal Internal Revenue Service and Maine taxing authority. (§ 5-946)

Maine Real Estate Power of Attorney Requirements

With this authorization, the agent can represent the principal in all types of real estate transactions, including the purchase, sale, leasing, and management of the principal's real estate. (§ 5-934)

Legal Requirements for a Power of Attorney in Maine

To be considered legally valid, a power of attorney in Maine must meet the following requirements:

Legal Requirements

  • Mental capacity and age. The principal must be over 18 years of age and must have the capacity to understand the significance of giving authority to the agent and the effect that these actions will have on them.

  • Validation. The principal must sign the power of attorney in the presence of a notary public.

  • Notice. A Maine durable power of attorney must contain a notice to the principal and agent.

Who Can Be an Agent for a Power of Attorney in Maine

When selecting an agent in Maine, ensure that the agent will act in your best interests and has a thorough understanding of your goals and how to achieve them. The selected agent must be a responsible adult with good mental health.

As well, keep in mind that the agent will be acting on your behalf, so it is imperative that they have the skills and knowledge required to complete their assigned job.

How to Create a Maine Power of Attorney 

Power of Attorney in Maine

#1. Decide on Which Type of Document to Use

The first step in creating a Maine power of attorney is to carefully evaluate your needs to determine the type of power of attorney that will work best for you.

#2. Select an Agent

Select someone whom you trust and who has the necessary skills to carry out the tasks on your behalf. It is important to discuss your expectations with your agent before appointing them.

#3. Define the Agent’s Powers

Clearly define the scope of your agent's authority to ensure that your agent only acts within the limits of their authority. This section should be written with precision so there is no confusion about the powers granted to your agent.

#4. Download & Fill in Our Form

Once you have determined the appropriate type of power of attorney and have selected your agent, you can download the appropriate form and fill it out accordingly.

#5. Get It Signed & Notarized

After completing the power of attorney form, you need to sign it and have it notarized to make sure it is legal and binding.

#6. Safely Store the Original Copy

Keep the original document in a safe and secure location. Make sure that it is easily accessible in case it is needed. 

#7. Provide Copies to Relevant Parties

As it represents the necessary documentation to carry out your wishes, you should provide copies of your power of attorney to your agent and other relevant parties.

#8. Update the Document as Needed

If your circumstances change or you need to make modifications to your power of attorney, make sure to update the document accordingly. This ensures that your agent's authority remains current and relevant.

How Long Does a Power of Attorney Last in Maine?

The validity and duration of a power of attorney in Maine depend on the specifications outlined in the document.

If a power of attorney does not specify a particular duration, it becomes effective upon the principal's signature in front of a notary public. A power of attorney stays in effect until the principal's death or incapacity (for a non-durable power of attorney), its revocation, or the fulfillment of its purpose.

In cases where there is only one agent appointed, the power of attorney lasts until the agent's death, incapacity, or resignation.

Maine Power of Attorney FAQ

  • A power of attorney is used to grant an individual or organization the legal authority to act on someone's behalf in certain matters, such as managing finances, making medical decisions, or conducting legal transactions, in the event that the person is unable to do so themselves.

  • A power of attorney grants legal authority to the agent to perform certain actions or make decisions on behalf of the principal.

  • In Maine, a power of attorney needs to be notarized to be considered legally valid.

  • Yes, having a power of attorney does not replace the need for a will.

    With a power of attorney, someone acts on your behalf while you are still alive but unable to do so yourself. A will, on the other hand, outlines how you want your property and assets to be distributed after your death.

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