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Download the Oregon bill of sale template for a car, trailer, boat, handgun, or any other kind of personal property transfer and protect your rights.Download the Oregon bill of sale template for a car, trailer, boat, handgun, or any other kind of personal property transfer and protect your rights.

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If you are buying or selling a motor vehicle, boat, handgun, or any other kind of personal property in Oregon, you will probably need a bill of sale.

An Oregon bill of sale is a document that provides all relevant details about the seller and buyer, the transferred item, and the purchase price.

The state often requires for registering or titling the item. Therefore, the governmental agencies in charge of item registration often provide the bill of sale form that both parties can fill out. However, if the parties want to insert some details that are not in the form, they should draft their own bill or sale.

Oregon Bill of Sale Parties

The main parties to the bill of sale are the seller, or transferor, and the buyer, or transferee.


A seller is a party to the lease agreement that transfers the ownership of their personal property to the buyer. More sellers can be listed in the lease agreement if they are co-owners of a certain item.


A buyer is a bill of sale party that obtains the transferred item in exchange for the purchase price. As with the seller, more buyers can be listed in the bill of sale.

Buyer and Seller Disclosure

The seller must disclose any damages or flaws the item has. In addition, the seller should include the “as is” condition in the bill of sale. Damage disclosure and the “as is” condition protect the seller from any future claims regarding the item’s condition. 

However, the seller will still be liable for the damages that were not disclosed in the bill of sale or that were lied about.

When selling a motor vehicle, the seller should also disclose the odometer reading on the day of the purchase and include it in the bill of sale. 

Oregon Bill of Sale Description of Goods

This section contains all the relevant details about the transferred item. This description is different for the different types of items.

For example, the description of a motor vehicle should look as follows:

Mandatory Information

  • Make and model of the vehicle

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Body type, color, and production year of the vehicle

  • Vehicle horsepower

  • Odometer reading

  • Description of any flaws and damages

  • Information about any additional equipment sold with the motor vehicle

For other types of items, it is important to include all the details that help the parties individualize the transferred item. For instance, it is always good to include any identification number attached to the item. Otherwise, a description of physical features will also be sufficient.

Oregon Bill of Sale Purchase Price

This section outlines the compensation due to the seller for transferring the item, and it is often done in one of the three ways mentioned below:

#1. Payment

Payment is the method by which the buyer gives a certain amount of money to the seller in exchange for the purchased item.

The payment can be made in the form of:

Forms of Payments

  • Cash

  • Credit or debit card

  • Check

  • Bank transfer

#2. Trade

By using the trade as a compensation method, the buyer transfers an item from their personal property in exchange for the seller's item. The buyer often needs to pay additional money to cover the difference in value between the two items.

#3. Gift

If the buyer gets an item as a gift, they don’t have an obligation to compensate the seller. This method is often used between family members to transfer ownership of an item.

Oregon Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicles (Cars) Requirements

The Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) is an agency in charge of motor vehicle registration. The Oregon DOT requires anyone who wishes to title and register the vehicle to submit the bill of sale.

Out-of-State Vehicles

When you buy a vehicle from outside Oregon, you must apply for a registration and title within 30 days.

Abandoned or Junk Vehicles

You cannot get a title certificate in Oregon for a junk vehicle. However, you can use a general bill of sale to transfer the ownership of such a vehicle.

Vehicles Sold by Dealers

The dealer is usually authorized to apply for the vehicle title and registration on your behalf. Therefore, you can use the bill of sale purely as a proof of purchase until you get the title.

Vehicles Sold by Private Parties

After they’ve signed the bill of sale, the seller must report the sale to the DOT within 10 days, while the buyer must apply for the title within 30 days.

Oregon Bill of Sale for Boats (Vessel) Requirements

Every motor-powered boat or vessel in Oregon must be titled. The bill of sale and the title application should be submitted to the Oregon State Marine Board within 30 days from the date of the purchase. Otherwise, the $25 fee will be charged.

The bill of sale should include the model, production year, manufacturer, and hull identification number.

Oregon Bill of Sale for Firearms Requirements

The firearms bill of sale in Oregon should include the following:

Mandatory Information

  • Names, addresses, and ID numbers of the seller and buyer

  • Make, model, and caliber of the firearm

  • Firearm registration number

  • Purchase price

  • Details about any damages

  • Information about the additional equipment that is sold with the firearm

  • Date and place of the bill of sale signature

  • Signatures of the buyer and seller

Oregon Bill of Sale for Horses Requirements

The bill of sale for the horse transfer in Oregon should include the following:

Mandatory Information

  • Details about the parties

  • Name, breed, age, and gender of the horse

  • Registration number (if applicable)

  • Purchase price

  • Disclosure of any flaws of the horse

  • Description of any equipment sold with the horse

  • Signatures of the seller and buyer

Oregon Bill of Sale for Trailers (RVs) Requirements

All recreational vehicles and park model recreational vehicles must be registered and titled with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The trailer must be registered if it weighs over 1,800 pounds when loaded.

The bill of sale should include the following elements:

Mandatory Information

  • Details about the parties

  • Registration number (if applicable)

  • Purchase price

  • Description of any additional equipment

  • Disclosure of any damages and flaws

  • Signature of the seller and buyer

Oregon Bill of Sale Other Requirements

The Oregon state agencies provide the bill of sale forms only in English. However, parties are free to draft their bill of sale in any language as long as all the parties understand it.

Each party to the bill of sale should have at least one copy of the document for their records.

When applying for the title and registration, have at least one copy of your bill of sale in English that you can submit with your application.

Oregon Bill of Sale Taxes

When drafting your bill of sale, always include the purchase price. Even if the item is transferred as a gift, the parties should determine the estimated purchase price of the item. In this way, the bill of sale can be submitted to the tax authorities for calculating the sales tax.

Additionally, the purchase price in the bill of sale should also help the Oregon DOT calculate the fees for titling and registering your motor vehicle.

Oregon Bill of Sale FAQ

  • The handwritten bill of sale is also considered legitimate and valid, as long as it includes all the necessary elements.

  • The bill of sale must be signed by the buyer and the seller. In some cases, the DMV doesn’t require the buyer's signature for the motor vehicle bill of sale.

  • Parties can fill out the bill of sale form provided by the DOT or other government agencies in Oregon, or they can draft the bill of sale themselves. However, the easiest way to get the professional bill of sale used in Oregon is to download one of our templates available on our website.

  • The seller benefits from signing the bill of sale by limiting their liability for the item after they have transferred it.

    The benefit for the buyer is that the bill of sale can serve as proof of ownership if the title is not available.

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