Download Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates [PDF]

Follow our comprehensive guide on how to draft the Alabama vehicle bill of sale using our professional and customizable template.

Last update: 19 Oct 2023

Download Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates [PDF]

The Alabama vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that outlines the terms of the vehicle sale between the seller and the buyer.

The Vehicle Bill of Sale form usually includes information about the buyer and seller, a description of the motor vehicle, the purchase price, payment terms, and other terms and conditions related to the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle.

The Alabama motor vehicle bill of sale is also known by a variety of names, including:

Other Names for Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale

  • Alabama car bill of sale

  • Auto bill of sale

  • DMV bill of sale

  • Automobile bill of sale

  • Car contract

However, all of these terms refer to the document that documents the transaction of a vehicle between the seller and a buyer.

Other Types of Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale 

Here, you can find other types of vehicle bills of sale and what the legal requirements are for using them in Alabama.

Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Requirements & Forms

The new boats must be registered within 3 days, and the used boats must be registered within 15 days from the moment of purchase. The new owner should go to the local Vehicle Licensing Office and apply for the boat registration. 

The new owner should submit the Bill of Sale, Registration Application, Certification of Length for Vessels, Title (if available), and pay the registration fees.

Alabama Motorcycle Bill of Sale Requirements & Forms

You must register your motorcycle in Alabama within 20 days of the moment of purchase. You can use the Alabama bill of sale to register the motorcycle if the title cannot be signed over from the seller to the buyer. 

When registering the motorcycle, you should also submit the following documents:

Motorcyle Registration Mandatory Documents

Alabama Trailer Bill of Sale Requirements & Forms

According to Ala. Code § 32-8-31, a trailer, semi-trailer, travel trailer, or moving collapsible and folding camper more than 20 model years old doesn’t have to have a certificate of title or be registered. The same rule applies to utility trailers other than collapsible and folding campers.

Legal Requirements for Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Alabama vehicle bill of sale has the following legal framework:

Legal Requirements

  • Bill of sale required for the sale or purchase of the vehicle? Yes, the bill of sale is a required document when buying or selling a vehicle in Alabama.

  • State offers a vehicle bill of sale template? No, there is no state-provided template

  • Notarization required? No, except in Lee County, the seller and buyer can sign the Alabama bill of sale without the presence of a notary public.

Where and How to Register Your Vehicle in Alabama

The owner can apply for vehicle registration at the local Department of Revenue Licensing Office according to their county of residence.

The owner of a new motor vehicle in Alabama must register it within 20 days of purchasing it. If the vehicle has a registration from another state jurisdiction, the new owner must register it in Alabama within 30 days from the day of purchase (AL Code § 40-12-262(a)).

All the vehicles that are being titled for the first time must be inspected by the licensing official before they can be registered (AL Admin Code R 810-5-1-.247).

Required Documents

When registering the vehicle in Alabama, you must prepare the following documents:

Vehicle Registration Mandatory Documents

Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale FAQ

  • To draft a bill of sale for a car in Alabama, you should first enter the full names and mailing addresses of the seller and the buyer.

    Secondly, you should provide all the details about the transferred car (make, model, year of production, VIN, color, mileage, etc.). 

    Finally, you should provide the purchase price, methods of payment, or other value owed to the seller for transferring the vehicle

  • Yes, you need a bill of sale to register a car in Alabama, as required by state law. Here you can find a printable vehicle bill of sale that can be used for vehicle registration.

  • No, you cannot register a car with a bill of sale and no title in Alabama. The bill of sale doesn’t transfer the car’s ownership, as it serves as a receipt for the purchased car. Therefore, to register a car, you must have the car title and the bill of sale.

  • No, you don’t need to notarize a bill of sale for a car in Alabama. However, notarizing the document will prevent any future disputes about its authenticity.

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